Self criticism, self doubt, self judgment all in your head…

I received a question from a client last week:

I have a lot of voices in my head, self doubt, self judgment, and self criticism. They drag me down, will they go away, how do I get rid of them, how do I change ?

There is no quick fix for this, but realization is the first step. Positive re-enforcement , awareness and truly believing in yourself can make a difference. We are all magnificent human beings, we don’t have to judge, criticize or doubt ourselves, all we do is create the illusion of those things and convince ourselves that they are real. When you drain the power from those creations and illusions, just like if you drain the power from any limited creation, the patterns collapse and the creation disappeared from inside you. It is a shift that takes place.

You had convinced yourself it was real, when in reality it was just all just fog and it did not serve you right.

Once you experienced the shift, you become like a new person. People will wonder what happened to you. Creating your own reality is a powerful thing; you re-claim your power and expand what is possible for yourself and your business.

Doors will open up, new possibilities will present themselves and you will look back and laugh at the “illusions you had about yourself”.

Know that I believe in YOU !

“I think of life itself as a wonderful play that I’ve written for myself… And so my purpose is to have the most fun playing my part.”

Shirley MacLaine

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