The right dialogue makes a difference

I need to be respected. I need to be heard. I need to be seen. I need to be safe. I need to belong..

When all of these needs are met then I am ready to learn…

A lot of our needs are fulfilled thru our work. We are all human beings and share fundamental needs. The implication for engaging in dialogue are great. Sharing back and forth through dialogue is the process by which people connect. Dialogue has its roots in the Greek “dia” and “logos”, which translates to “meaning flowing through”.

Dialogue can be defined as:

The respectful, two way, open-ended flow of communication that balances and speaking for the purpose of learning.

Many businesses have cultures that inhibit people from really hooking up at an emotional level. These businesses do not seem to have the spirit, the commitment, and the vitality that high-performing organizations possess.

What is always true of high-performing organizations or teams, or individual is that they and their managers have developed deep personal bonds with their teammates, these relationships form the context for achieving high performance.

Other terms of communication- debating, directing, discourse and discussing- can be characterized as attempts to influence, impress, or control the other person. A not very effective way to communicate, but frustrating to the other members. Weak performance and no growth is usually what happens.

Introducing the right dialogue into a business that benefits the business and everybody in it can lead to profound, positive changes in the nature of the working relationship with everybody. Openness, trust, willingness and support are dramatically enhanced when open dialogue exists.

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