Some of Annette's Testimonials:

I feel so lucky to have found Annette. Despite having had the opportunity of a free mentorship with a successful and smart business consultant, I wanted something more. I wanted to find a real estate coach who is successful in her own rite, has been a top producing real estate agent, who understands what it is to be a working mother, has joy and fulfillment in her personal life, and who has the characteristics of someone I would want to model myself after. With that criteria, it was also very important that my coach was capable of giving me the guidance and tools to establish and build my business, the techniques and confidence to do so while starting a family, and the coaching ability and personality to help me reduce stress and improve my personal life balance. Sounds impossible – but Annette has done all of this for me. Our weekly meetings have kept me on track and grounded and are the key to my own growing success. Thank you Annette!
Sarah M., Greater Vancouver, BC
All I can say “ wow “. I have been in real estate for 2 years and wished I would have come across Annette right at the beginning of my career. To be able to get input, advice and coaching from an award winning realtor, with such honesty, compassion and knowledge is fabulous.

My business sales improved, I have more confidence in my presentations, I am more sure of myself, my life is more balanced and I don’t feel so stressed all the time. I can highly recommend Annette to anybody wanting to improve their business, I found her excellent.
Rob P., Toronto, Ont.
Annette helped me see the mismanaged area’s of my business and coached me to find ways to resolve the problems that worked for me and my situation. If you would like to take you or your company to the next level Annette is the person to do it.
Brian M.,VP, Vancouver, BC
Pro Focus got me focused. Not just with my business, but also in my life. Annette helped me tremendously to gain clarity, helped me set my goals and helped me achieve them. I never got the things done that I needed to get done, but with her coaching abilities I was able to focus on the most important issues, not wasting time on unproductive issues.

My business is running much smoother, I have achieved what I wanted to achieve. She can see very fast and clearly where your weaknesses are and help you overcome them. I found Annette to be a top notch business coach, Her ability to find out what the issues are and look for ways to solve them was excellent. Her personal experience in the business world along with her coaching acumen meant that I got to the heart of the issues quickly.
Shirley M., Vancouver, BC
I was introduced to Annette through a business contact and used her coaching services for 6 months. Annette went through a detailed analysis of my current situation and goals which I found to be very helpful for both of us to understand my current situation and where I would like to move towards.

While working with her, I found that she was able to hear what I was saying and provide me with practical tools in order to help me reach my desired results and goals. Thanks Annette for all your help! I would recommend anyone looking for a change in any area of their life, she was most helpful.
Heather W., New Westminster BC
I had a wonderful experience working with Annette in a real estate business coaching relationship. After having spent many years working in government, both real estate and self-employment were completely new to me. Annette helped me define and focus on my life and business goals. She worked with me to develop a business plan and budget. She shared lots of great ideas and information about prospecting, lead follow-up and marketing. And I now have a really impressive Listing Presentation and Buyers Package. On a more personal side, Annette listened intently and compassionately, and when my spirits were flagging, she was very supportive and encouraging. Thanks to everything I learned from working with Annette, and the materials I developed under her guidance, I am growing into the amazing REALTOR® I am meant to be.
Kathy S., Vancouver
I almost fell into my working relationship with Annette by accident but I can truly say I’m glad I did. At the time, by most people’s perspective, I would have been considered successful. However, In my eyes, my life — work and personal, seemed somewhat dishevelled and I wasn’t sure what Annette would be able to do for me and in fact doubted she would be able to do anything. I felt that things were not quite together she assisted me to the point I feel I am back on track with all aspects of my life and much happier for it. Even though my first impressions were that I thought her guidance was too “gentle” and subtle at times, in hindsight I know it was effective in assisting me in working through various issues. I would certainly work with her again should the need arise and would not hesitate to refer her ! Thanks Annette.
Scott R., VP, Vancouver
I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciate the impact of Profocus Coaching with Annette is having on my professional and personal life. Beginning with the discovery questions, assessment and then continuing with your assistance at putting it into action in my life has improved my basic outlook. We have identified not only strengths but also areas in need for improvement, and improved them. The accountability to a trustworthy coach is an invaluable asset in my life. I am actively recommending it to anyone who will take the time to check it out. To Annette thanks very much again! More Power to you,
Joey, Vancouver BC
We all have ups and downs in our lives, at home and at work. Annette’s coaching method helped turn my downs into ups. I am back on track at work and have found peace in my home life. I have been working as a Realtor since 2001 and I have used several Real Estate coaching programs. None are as personal and effective as Annette, it was a pleasure.” Thank you Annette “YOU ROCK!”
Max P, Powell River
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