Goals and Self-Management

As my last blog was about New Years resolutions and how to keep them, let’s talk about goals and self management. First of all, remember self-improvement is self-management. You can’t change others or your situation, but you can change yourself. To change yourself or to change how to be better with clients or co-workers effectively, you must be willing to change some habits.

The foundation of self-management is responding to all events based on goals and priorities rather than reacting on the spot, reacting to problems or needs .Set clear goals what you want out of life. If you want to better your life, you have to learn to get beyond disappointments. Everyone has them. The key is how you respond to them. After being knocked down, how quickly do you get back up without resentment or blame ?

Writing down goals is a great way to see  things. Sometimes the solutions to your challenges are there, but you just don’t see them Why? Because of entrenched habits, perceptions, and beliefs.

Stay positive, and positive affirmations help: “ I can do this” or “ I will succeed” or “ I am a successful happy person” or “I am persistent and determined to do all that I do with excellence”. Do this instead of “ I can’t” or “I won’t”.

Write down your personal and positive Affirmations – verbalize them, feel them inside, you and believe in them so you can slowly change and make things better.

My Personal Goals are…………….my affirmations are ………………..

My Job and Career Success are ………………my affirmations are…………..

Visualize Success and use all the moment of magic to help you. Have a sense of urgency to succeed !

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