Life Coaching : Can you really just “be” in the moment ?

I am here in California for a month by myself and enjoying the peacefulness, the coaching, the reading, but mostly just being with me.

When was the last time I could be just “be”. We are so busy with our lives that we are actually not used to being by ourselves and our thoughts.

I realized with just” being”, my mind still wonders in all directions, to the past to the future, but when I get still I can be more in the Now. And when I am consciously in the now, I notice so much more and I become peaceful.

I was bike riding the other day and just trying to be in the moment, ..I noticed the blue sky, the smell in the air, the flowers, the bunny rabbits that I saw, the trees, the wind blowing in my face and I was just in the moment. Even so it was not long, it felt so good. How can I be all the time like this ?

So why is it so hard to be in the moment for us ? Why do we dwell on the past, why do we question ourselves, why don’t we trust ourselves, why do we worry about the future….because we can’t really change any of that at all.

I realized, just being is not that easy. Have you ever tried it. Plan nothing, do nothing, just be in the moment for an hour or two. Observe what you do, observe where your thoughts take you.

Are you actually thinking differently about yourself than 10 yrs. ago ? Have you changed at all ? Has live been easy or hard ? Maybe you are not who you think you are ?

I know we always change, we always move into a direction and yes, you can change the direction. But only you can make it happen.

Who do you want to be ? And how can you become that person ?
If we let go of certain programs and do change, we are always evolving to be better.
If you have programs like : I can never loose weight , I am never organized . I lost my zest for life. I am stuck. I can’t have a relationship …. What are you really telling yourself? Where is this coming from ? What can you do to change it?

Try just being in the moment for a day or ½ a day and see where your thoughts will take you.
Please feel free to share your thoughts with me,
Warmest wishes,

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