Be better in business.. not just your best.

As I am here in California ending my wonderful stay I have started to learn how to play golf. I am not a great golfer yet, as I find it not an easy game to learn, rather often frustrating. One day you hit great golf shots and you think, wow, I am finally getting the hang of this, and the next day, what happened, I played lousy.

This happen in so many asbects of live. Right away we want to be the best, but really the journey is in the enjoyment getting ahead. One of my goals was to be always the best in everything. But first ask yourself : What do I have to do to get better ? If we really ask this in our daily business and personal life: “What do I have to do to be better !” Things will get better, even without you trying too hard.

Too often we focus on the end goal, rather than the means in which we can produce them.
I know, my game will get better, because I am asking myself, what am I doing wrong, was it my swing or my tempo ? I become more aware of what I am really doing wrong.

What do YOU need to do to be better in your business life, or in your personal life with your relationships, family or friends.

Ask yourself everyday….. and things will improve….

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