What is Stress !

Stress is really a state of mind – a mind body reaction/response to a situation.
A flight from/fight the situation.

Why does stress happen ?
-when a condition or situatation is not acceptable to us
-when we want to do / get soemthing but are unable
-when ego is hurt
-when we loose something we feel is important

Stress is mostly due to:
— Fear of the future
–Worry about the past
–and not so much due to present moments
It is always due to perception of mind – different people feel different stress levels for the same situation

So, what happens when you are stressed?
-emotional impact — anxiety and fear– depression–anger–sadness…
And your body reacts with:
-Acidity–Ulcers–heart aliments–blood pressure–diabetes etc.
Each system impact the other – either positive and negative

Stress and Mind induced effect on the body are far more harmful than the external pollution that we have in our world today.

How can you mangage your stress:
-find the root cause and manage your mind
-positive thinking and attitude
-larger view of life
-getting coaching

Take time for yourself, walking, hobbies, interests, relaxation,… have multiple postive energy levels.

Mind rules the body ! Explore — Experiment — Experince — and stay stressfree …….

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