Does “cold calling” work and increase Sales ?

I never ever door knocked or telephone cold called in my life. When I started real estate,  I heard people say, “you should do it, that is how you build your business” etc. I just never wanted to do that, I actually refused to do it. First of all, I am a girl, I was afraid I would ring the door bell and some stranger would grab my arm and pull me in ! Was it safe for me ? It scared me.  I did not want to feel like a vacuum sales person.  The thought alone turned me off. I also hated  telephone sales calls , when they called me to sell me something, how annoying is that. Don’t you hate that, too.

So my theory is, we have outgrown the century of cold calling, we are not Avon girls or vacuum sales people that need to do that. Whether we sell real estate, investment advising, insurance sales or any other service products. You do not have to do “cold call”  to become successful.

Statistics show that cold calling  is the lowest closing rate ever ! You are just lucky, if you get a sale. By degree of difficulty it is the hardest.

Don’t buy into it, if someone tells you, you should cold call and it is just a number game. There are way better systems and networking ideas that you can explore, but the most important thing is that you build a belief system of you:

  1. Believe you are the best
  2. Believe your company is the best
  3. Believe your service is the best
  4. Believe that you can differentiate yourself from your competition, not compare yourself to them.
  5. Believe when your customer buys, they will be better off then having purchased from anyone else.

Network, farm an area, get involved in your community, school, church, explore social media ,  but most of all believe in yourself and have fun doing it. Believe in YOU and that  successful mind and success will find you.

If you really want to try cold calling, be ready to handle rejection. Don’t take it personally. The only benefit of cold calling to me is: to seek to improve your selling skills, to practice and to learn.

I never did it, I don’t believe in it, and I feel it is a poor opportunity to make a sale . I am proof of the opposite.

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