What is Stress !

Stress is really a state of mind – a mind body reaction/response to a situation. A flight from/fight the situation. Why does stress happen ? -when a condition or situatation is not acceptable to us -when we want to do / get soemthing but are unable -when ego is hurt -when we loose something we

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Why coaching ?

You have someone on a weekly basis to talk to, to listen to, to  bounce things off. You have a coach that will encourage you, set goals with you, hold you accountable, help you focus to get to your goals quicker, provide you with tools, support and structure that is so often lacking in life

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Suggested Readings

Check out these books. Managing by Values: How to Put Your Values Into Action For Extraordinary Results, Authors: Blanchard, Kenneth. H; O’Connor, Michael; Blanchard, Ken, The Rookie Manager: A Guide to Surviving Your First Year in Management, Author: Straub, Joseph T.

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Coaching In The Media

You may have seen Coaching on TV, on shows such as Starting Over, on TLC, or on talk shows. Coaching is growing in popularity and getting a lot of attention…Because it works! Featured reviews from media sources: Newsweek, Time, Chicago Tribune, Business Week. Coaches–they’re part therapist, part consultant, and they sure know how to succeed.

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