Your inner voice that talks to you …

Psychologist call it self-talk, I call it the saboteur voice, which is that little voice in your head that direct your actions. If that voice takes over you can head for disaster, misdirect you, make you do things you really don’t want or avoid.

Some samples of your saboteur’s voice can be:

I’ll do that business report later, maybe tomorrow….  tomorrow turns into next week

I’ll start my new work out routine next week….. in a month you still say that

I’ll do what my friend told me…excusing yourself

This will go away…… I just pretend it will

I really can’t do this….. I wish I could

I blame ……it is really not my fault

You really need to do this, it is important… but you never do it

Many times in  my life  my Saboteur took over and I made some not so good decisions. I learned to identify my Saboteur and when I can do that, I can send him away. Our saboteur or inner voice is always present when there is a change that should happen or an action. The inner voice kicks in with excuses. You want to play it save, not really risk anything, but often you pay a price for that.

If your saboteur takes over and you feel stuck with it, remember your inner strengths, concentrate on the positiveness of you. What is something that no one can take away from you, what is your strong inner  “rock”.

If you remember your strengths and focus on the positiveness, the saboteur has less power.

It will diminish more. Be aware how much your saboteur is holding you back. Watch your saboteur talking to you

The saboteur keeps you from what you truly want instead of what you think you should do. Listen for YOUR Saboteur that is holding you back.

One of my favourite quote  is : Every time you don’t follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss  of energy,  a loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness.  Following your heart and inner guidance is never wrong.

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