The Success Process

The Success Process: 10 Steps to Sustainable, Fulfilling Success

  1. Stop tolerating | When you stop putting up with stuff, you will have more energy.
  2. Get complete | When you complete unfinished business and fully communicate, you will experience peace.
  3. Simplify everything | When you simplify your life, you will have much more space, and experience balance.
  4. Strengthen your foundation | When your needs are met and your personal foundation is solid, confidence replaces feat.
  5. Orient yourself around what matters  | When your life is oriented around what is most important to you, you will have clarity about what’s next.
  6. Experiment and improve, continuously | When you try new things or ways of thinking, you will become a more creative person.
  7. Improve your strengths | When you build on what you have, you will become more successful.
  8. Stockpile | When you build a reserve in every area, you can leverage more opportunities more quickly.
  9. Integrate your life  | When you make sure your life’s components fit together well, you will experience effortlessness.
  10. Polish everything | When you buff up every aspect of your life, you will feel even more proud.
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