Summer weather is still here in BC and August is often a month where we tend to let routines slip, don’t stay on top of things, and procrastinate. When the weather is good, we take more time to have fun, socialize, do sports, travel and relax and put all the necessary things on hold.

So if you are a person that is a big procrastinator, here are some solutions for you:

How do I avoid Procrastination?

The first step would be to recognize that you are procrastinating.  Many people can’t seem to realize it, even though they do it all the time. They prefer to do what they like first, and continually push the tasks they don’t like further away, thinking they will eventually get around to it.

We all procrastinate to some degree, but if you find yourself doing it all the time, you need to have a good look at yourself and your time management.

Maybe you are afraid of being successful? Maybe you are sabotaging yourself? Maybe you don’t believe in yourself? Maybe your family history and upbringing slots you into that kind of person. Maybe you play the victim role? Your mindset is really important to understand why you are procrastinating all the time. Awareness is the first step and understanding why helps tremendously with changing a habit.

People that stick to their ‘to do’ lists have a good time management schedule.  They always get the important, often not so pleasant tasks, out of the way first and never really have problems with procrastination

Some useful tools to help you stop procrastinating are:

  • Have a “To Do” list and Prioritize it!
  • Don’t leave items on your “To Do”list because you don’t want to do them.
  • Don’t  wait until the right time might happen or until you are in the right mood.
  • Stick to your schedule and do those things that you want to achieve that day, no matter what.
  • Know you can do it and know you will feel better once the task is achieved.

Putting off an unimportant task isn’t necessarily procrastination it may just be good prioritization. But if you make excuses all the time because you really just don’t want to do it is different.

Be organized with your time and your tasks. Organized people usually are not procrastinators, because they know how to break the work down into manageable steps. They don’t feel overwhelmed by the tasks they have to do, they know how and when to do it in order to get things done.  Even perfectionists can be procrastinators as they might think they don’t have the talent to do it perfectly, so they won’t do it at all.

Procrastination is a bad habit, and it takes time to change a habit.  First be aware that you are procrastinating and evaluate yourself daily. What could you have done but did not do and put it off?  Make your to- do list and focus on the important things you need to get done, even if you don’t like doing them.

Have a reward for yourself when you complete the task – either at the end of the day or whenever you finish.  Be proud of yourself and see how your procrastination habit is slowly changing.

Acknowledge your potential and know that you can change.  It is never too late.

Create a great day…Make every hour count…Create your Life…Create Your Vision

Warmest wishes,

~ Annette

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