In a crisis…build on strength

Often the most constructive approach to making your best decision is to take your focus away from the problem and begin to draw out the elements of what’s working for you in your current situation as a starting point of a major change or crises.

You don’t want to throw out the baby with the bathwater and this is a real danger when you are contemplating brand new horizons, whether for negative or positive reasons.

Think about a major change, such as becoming self-employed, or quitting, or starting fresh….

Consider the following to get you thru your crisis:

What’s great about my current situation?

What is my dream of my working life?

How can I design a new life that combines the best of both worlds?

A positive approach based on appreciating what you have can help you move away from the problems and into the more fertile land of possibilities.

When a major change seems big and far away you can measure your progress by the following questions:

On a scale from 1-10, where am I now in relation to my goal?

What would move me closer to a 10?

What positive attributes are helping me to achieve a higher number?

How can I enhance these positive attributes?

Think about these answers, write them down, rate yourself and make a plan to get out of your crisis with goals and determination.

Your coach will help you along the way !

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