I got inspired..and admire people who are different

I just returned from Los Angeles attending a great coaching seminar and I got inspired.

Inspired by all the different people I met, the energy in the room, the exchange, the talks and mostly the greatness in every person. To really see that is wonderful.

As human beings, our values and perspectives are shaped by our experiences, other people, our upbringing and environment. Our early childhood years really form us and we are products of our generation at the time, each of us is normal, each of is right – regardless of how we may be different from each other.

Listening to different viewpoints and people made me realize that accepting people as they are is sometimes a challenge. It was easy to accept people in a similar environment, but when you look around yourself in a big city you see others, not as fortunate, not as positive, dressing differently, looking differently, and behaving differently.

There were so many people everywhere, from so many different backgrounds.  Take, for example, the small handful of people who believe it is ok to lie, cheat, steal or disrespect their way to success. Those people are wrong, but we all know, they are the exceptions rather than the norm. For the most part “different” does not make you wrong, it just makes you different. Often we have to come to grips with that and accept this.

Just as your beliefs are appropriate and correct for you, other people might not share your views, attitudes or mindsets. Ignore the fact and label them “wrong” or feel they need to change. Acknowledge and accept that they are as right as you are, and you are more likely to pursue more respect and collaborative ways of working together, or being together and you will see everyone wins. People will look up to you for being a loving and accepting person, no matter where the other person comes from. It will liberate you and people will think of you highly. We are all so unique and blessed to be able to see that in each other, more so without judgment, but admiration for each other.

We are not just living in a country, but on a planet and “different” and “accepting” is amazing.

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